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We are currently accepting submissions for new authors to join our family. Check out the guidelines on the submissions page.

Who are we?

BGP was formed in 2014 to bring quality books to avid readers. The founders are, themselves, diehard bookworms with years of experience in the literary world. They decided to bring their talents together in order to help struggling authors share their tales when others hesitated in offering them that chance.

The focus at BGP isn't on a specific genre, but rather the quality of the work and the willingness of the author to both stand behind it and promote it as well. In today's technological age, the job's not done once you reach "The End." That's where the real journey begins.

At BGP Publishing it is our goal to take our readers back in time, thrust them into the future or take them on an adventure, if only for a little while. When people curl up with their favorite book, they want to escape and dream. When an author sits down to write, they want to create that dream escape.   

We are an individually and privately owned publishing house. We believe our authors are just as important as our readers, because they go hand-in-hand.  

Let us take you on the journey of a lifetime!
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Step into the swamps, if you dare, but don't say we didn't warn you!


The Spot

Do you want to be featured on The Spot? Soon we will be doing weekly features of different authors from around the globe! We will see what makes them tick and learn a little bit about their writing. Join us in meeting all these awesome new people.

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Author Takeover

Author take-over!!!

Are you an author? Are you with another house or independently published? Well we want to help you market.  We would love for you to take over our Instagram page for a whole week. Postabout your life, your books, whatever you want. You will also be featured for a week on our website! There are no costs, gimmicks or hidden fees. We just want to show our support to other authors. To get signed up, just email us at 

[email protected] Schedule your takeover today!