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Amelia Cole

Amelia Cole was born and raised in southern Maine, but now lives with her family in Massachusetts. She has been writing since she could string words into sentences, and spent many years kicking around the book store where her mother worked when she was young. Many of her characters are pulled from people she knows or has come in contact with, as she is surrounded by some colorful souls. For her, words are life. Whether it was writing angst-filled poems in her formative years or working for a highly reputable layout and design company in Maine, Amelia has always been surround by writing and books. Now she balances that love with track meets and preschool, but has instilled this same love of reading in her children.

Christine James

Christine James lives in southern Missouri with her husband and two sons. She’s got a cat named Gypsy, and two dogs, Roxy and Scamp. She is a country girl that loves spending time fishing, camping and playing in the mud. Always with an active imagination, she remembers writing her first story when she was in the fifth grade. She's got a big personality and an even bigger attitude that sometimes gets her into trouble!

When she’s not writing or reading, she makes specialty cakes as well as different kinds of art made out of empty wine bottles. She loves to simply have a good time. That can be around a bon-fire or sitting around watching a movie. God, family and friends are the most important things in the world to her! If you have those three, well, you’re blessed!

Katrina Ray-Saulis

 Katrina Ray-Saulis. This lovely lady comes to us from the beautiful state of Maine! We are excited to welcome her into our family and look forward to working with her in the future! If you want to check her out, then head on over to her blog and check out everything she has to say. You most definitely want to keep and eye out for her new book, releasing February 26, 2016! Stay tuned folks!