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Our compass. Your dream. One journey.

One trip. Two journeys. 
Best friends Avery and Nina have just graduated from college and are stunned when Avery's parents gift them with an all-expenses paid, eight amazing week trip through Europe. It's their last chance to be completely carefree before the responsibility of adulthood consumes their lives. Setting out on an epic adventure, they have no idea that with every country they visit their friendship will begin to unravel. While one is busy running from her past, the other is searching for her future. Will they let distractions pull them apart? Will their friendship survive one amazing summer . . . Abroad?

Miracle Out of Tragedy

When Malcolm Young moved to New Orleans it was to escape a painful divorce, not to be someone’s guardian angel. From the devastating tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, Arc Industries was born.

Family Secrets

Micah Livingston was burnt out. As both the medic and translator for Arc Industries, he’s burning the candle at both ends and on the verge of a breakdown. When he receives a cryptic call in the dead of night, he jumps a plane for Italy and learns that family secrets can burn as well. Fighting the clock and dodging bullets is something he’s prepared for. What he wasn’t prepared for was . . . her.