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Kyra Chattsworth has a hot temper, and a knack for landing herself in hot water because of it. After graduating high school early and with no intentions of going to college, she was perfectly content to work as a barista in a trendy New York City coffee shop. If she could keep her temper under control she has nothing to worry about. No anger issues means no black outs and no black outs means no more missing chunks of time. The feeling of always being watched from the shadows would go away.  Normal, mundane, that was all she wanted. It was the perfect plan, until. . .

They walked in!

They were tattooed, pierced and beautiful. Perfect and unlike anyone she'd ever seen.

Two of them had the strangest bluest eyes she'd ever seen while the other one's were an unnatural yellow-gold.  Who where they and why were they watching her? Why was the hottest one of them (sporting an eyebrow ring) staring as if he'd rather swallow razor blades than be in the same room with her? As soon as he opens his mouth he is smug, arrogant and condescending, immediately igniting Kyra's anger unlike anyone ever before.  As their paths continue to cross, Kyra quickly finds out that her entire life is built on lie after lie. Nothing is real and there really are things that go bump in the night! The problem is, could she be one of those things?